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Bernard NovabilskiBernard Novabilski
16:49 24 Feb 24
Josh is an awesome and knowledgeable Athletic Trainer!!! He has been working with my son Brandon for several years now and my Son has excelled, not only in his physical abilities, but his mental status as well.Brandon elevated his game in Hockey as a Goalie and Josh has had such a positive impact in his life!Highly recommend Josh as a trainer!
Jacob BeckerJacob Becker
16:31 24 Feb 24
This trainer absolutely changed my life. I started with him 3 years ago working out in my garage. His thoughtfulness and charisma made workouts fun, and I’ve gotten into body-building because of him! Because I’m at college I don’t train with Josh anymore, but I cannot recommend his services enough. Let him change your life too 🙂
Isaac BeckerIsaac Becker
16:31 24 Feb 24
Josh is an incredible trainer. He's able to give you exactly the push you need to get stronger. I highly recommend his services.
Sean ZornickSean Zornick
16:09 24 Feb 24
Josh is a great trainer and person. He has helped me so much in my athletic career and has helped me develop great habits that will keep me healthy for the rest of my life. If you are looking to improve your fitness, become a better athlete or just be the best version of yourself that you can be Josh is the guy to help you get there! I would recommend to anyone of any age!
Courtney ParkerCourtney Parker
16:02 24 Feb 24
Julie SiegeleJulie Siegele
00:04 27 Nov 23
I'd been reading/hearing about weightlifting/resistance work to maintain bone as we age and thought I would give Josh a try based on a friend's successful experience with him. Wow! So happy I did! Even though I generally felt fit, I've learned there is so much more to "FIT"! More muscle mass means better sleep; strength training regulates hormones and increases insulin sensitivity, it increases levels of human growth hormone (HGH) - a hormone that helps heal leaky gut, and, women's female hormones can't be balanced without adequate muscle mass. Amazing how good weightlifting is for the human body! If you care about your metabolic health, connect with Josh! And even if you just want your arms to look great this summer, Josh is your guy! I highly recommend this knowledgeable, caring, fun and skilled trainer!
Alexander PlimackAlexander Plimack
19:15 22 Nov 23
Josh is a great trainer and I’ve worked with him for a few years now. When I started with him I was fairly new to training and lifting weights and he has taught me so much and inspired me to keep pushing myself.
Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown
13:22 27 Oct 23
Josh is like no other fitness trainer! He is very knowledgeable about strength and conditioning, but also about physical therapy and nutrition! He works with my daughter as well and connects just as well with teenagers as with 50-60 somethings. So so so glad we found Josh!
Miranda WesolowskiMiranda Wesolowski
01:36 20 Oct 23
I started to go to Josh about this time last year to start my fitness journey. I was nervous because I never had a personal athletic trainer before yet, explain fitness plans with anyone before. Sure enough, Josh made me feel comfortable and excited at my first session. If you ever feel like you want to start your own fitness journey but don’t know how to, Josh is the guy to go to!! I would definitely recommend Josh to my friends and family.
Kate SKate S
22:26 26 Jul 23
Josh is a great trainer who makes you feel comfortable yet gives you the push you need to accelerate in your fitness journey. I would recommend his services to anyone, of any age.

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